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Revolver Audio Cygnis Rosewood


Condition: Trade In

Shipping Time: 72 Hours

$15,078.84 $6,031.53


We just received in on trade the Revolver Cygnis in Rosewood.

The speakers are earning excellent condition with boxes the revolver Cygnis is a world-class speaker with superb dynamics range and produce an effortless sound in stunning 3D imaging the basis fast quick and effortless.

I posted the reviews as this is a world-class speaker and has won multiple awards. The speaker is a very easy load to drive and work superb with valve amplifiers. This is your chance to own a world-class speaker at a more reasonable price.

FREQUENCY RESPONSE 30Hz – 30kHz +/-6dB (45Hz – 22kHz +/-3dB)
NOMINAL IMPEDANCE 8 Ohms (minimum 4.3 Ohms)
CROSSOVER Full 3 way crossover, acoustically isolated in dedicated enclosure.
Hand built crossover utilising air cored inductors, custom polypropylene capacitors and silver plated OFC wiring.
TWEETER 26mm diameter aluminium dome with rear cavity damping and shielded double magnet.
MIDRANGE Drive unit – 130mm woven glass fibre diaphragm with cast aluminium chassis and shielded double magnet.
15 litre enclosure using advanced composite material with Kapex foam core, with a high gloss black metallic finish.
Veneered baffle with colour and grain matched to bass enclosure.
Asymetrically shaped to reduce standing waves.
Closed box infinite baffle loading.
BASS Drive unit – 254mm doped compressed paper diaphragm with cast aluminium vented chassis and double magnet.
Extensively braced, acoustically isolated 50 litre veneered enclosure.
Reflex loading via low noise distributed port.
2 driver position for accurate LF ‘in room’ performance.
Cygnis speakers
AMPLIFIER POWER 15 Watts – 300 watts
DIMENSIONS Height 1010 x Width 310 x Depth 400
WEIGHT (each) 35 kg