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Opera Speakers Callas Diva Mahogany


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Opera Speakers Callas Diva Mahogany

The new Callas Diva model is a three-way floorstanding speaker that replaces the previous model with the same name. It has been completely redesigned. The performance of the new Callas Diva is at the level of the Grand Callas model but with a significant reduction in volume to be use in smaller room. The low range, reflex loaded design, uses one 8 inch “long-throw” woofer, while the mid-high range is reproduced by a 7″ annealed polypropylene midrange and by the 1″ Scanspeak 9700 tweeter. The diffuser is complemented by the back radiation system that uses two Tweeters configured as a “natural dipole”. It is obvious the effort to keep all the best features of the Grand Callas 2014 model to offer a complete, high-quality sound , a flexible system that is easily adaptable to the environment, all within an aesthetically pleasing cabinet, and also with a particularly good value for money .The back radiation system uses two tweeters connected as a natural dipole.

The performance of dipole is virtually indistinguishable from the triplet used on previous Grand Callas. The back radiation feeds the reflected field without interfering with the direct sound , while preserving the accuracy of the transient response. The back radiation balance the power response and increases the “Brilliance” which is a quality related to the perception of sound details. Improving the perception of detail means improving the perception of “space”. The front panel of the cabinet of the new Callas Diva was shaped as to make possible a “close listening” position (with the listener even around a meter and a half from the loudspeakers) and makes this speaker very flexible and adaptable to various situations (for example, areas where the reverberation time is not particularly low). The other feature that contributes to the flexibility is the ability to modify the response of the low frequencies ( closing the reflex port). The Callas Diva 2016 produces a sound stage that expands in three dimensions with an excellent impulse response and power, dynamics and extension at low frequencies worthy of the best in its class .


116 x 37 x 53,5 cm (HxLxP)


65 Kg each including metal base


Reflex, floor-standing with rear firing radiation system (dypole)


Lacquered Mahogany / Lacquered Walnut

Front driver:

1 x 8” long-throw woofers, 1 x 7” midrange with polypropylene re-cooked cone and phase plug.

Frequency response:

30 -25000 Hz


12 dB/ott. For woofers
12 dB/ott for midrange
12 dB/ott for the front tweeter
12 dB/ott for the rear tweeters
frequencies 200 e 2000 Hz ( aprox )

Cross-over frequency:

0000 Hz

Maximum Power:

240 Watt (without clipping)

Recommended Amplifier:

test amplificatore


90 dB/2.83 Volt/1 meter

Nominal Impedance:

4 ohm (Z min >3.2 ohm)

Position on environment:

at least 10 cm from the rear wall


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