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AAC SC-5SE Speaker Cable Pair Gold Spade

Cable Trial and Trade in Program

These cables Have Canadian HiFi's Gold seal of approval, Hence we offer a 30 day Money back Guarantee,less shipping and also feature a 1 year full trade In policy, where you recieve full Value credit for the item less shipping and taxes. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Condition: New

Shipping Time: 72 Hours

From: $754.01


Two pairs of SC-5SE cables connected at the amp end, our Signature Series speaker cable features a two dual runs of SC-5, creating a robust 11-gauge x4 design for each channel. Silver-plated OFC conductors terminated with high-performance gold plated pure copper spades. This single wire design is terminated with audiophile-grade solder and bundled in a durable, attractive Techflex jacket. Single wire construction. Hand crafted in San Diego, California, USA.


SC-5SE exudes a custom-shop look and feel, combined with an innovative design.  A double, shot-gunned run of SC-5 cable delivers impressive sonic performance, improving frequency extension, dynamics, weight and authority.  This premium speaker cable offers a hand-crafted build and aesthetic that extends the proven performance of our award-winning SC-5 Classic. Outfitted with high-performance gold plated pure copper spades, and terminated with audiophile-grade solder. The result is a superbly refined presentation that competes favorably with boutique shop cables costing many times it’s price.


The Furutech FP-201 is an audiophile-quality spade featuring pure OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) copper conductive materials and fits up to a 5/16″ post. Furutech uses a 4-step plating process of copper-silver-copper-gold, creating one of the finest conductive parts in today’s performance audio market. A patented α (Alpha) process demagnetizes, and cryogenically treats the part to enhance audio signals for greater resolution, blacker backgrounds, and an improved sense of shape and scale within the soundstage. Choose FP-201(G) to add a touch of warmth to your sound.

Multiple stranded, silver-coated 14 gauge OFC copper conductors insulated with an ultra-low loss foamed Polyethylene dielectric, in a low capacitance design. Vibrational absorbing fill, and a durable midnight blue PVC jacket round out the design.


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Audio Art Cables: A Full Analysis!

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