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Nagaoka MP-300 Cartridge


Condition: New

Shipping Time: 72 Hours


The Nagaoka MP-300 is the company pride, along with the MP-500 model. MP-300 recaptures even the context of sounds of jazz players’ positions and orchestral instruments’ positions.

Exclusive, superrigid body with superb fidelity and ultralow resonance. The Nagaoka MP-300 has a Elliptical stylus tip with clear, natural sound reproduction. High-definition pickup at all audible frequencies from the record groove.

Superfine polished elliptical diamond stylus tip
Powerful samarium cobalt magnet
Low-mass, high-strength boron cantilever
Carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic pole shoe
Anti-ferro-magnetic perm alloy shield casing

Model: MP-300 (with stylus)
Type: Magnetodynamic Permalloy
Output Voltage: 3mV (5cm/sec)
Frequency Characteristic: 20-25,000Hz
Channel Separation: 25dB (1Khz)
Channel Balance: 1.0dB or less
Load Resistance: 47Kohm
Mount Type: Half-inch mount
Cantilever: Boron
Stylus Tip: 0.4×0.7mil Elliptical
Stylus Pressure: 1.3-1.8g (1.5g)
Cartridge Weight: 8g


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