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Hana Cartridges ML


Condition: New

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Hana ML Low Output Moving Coil Cartridge

Back Order by Manufacturer until May 31 2022

Building upon the foundation of the critically acclaimed HANA sound, the ML aspires toward affordable perfection and represent the further evolution of the “Brilliant and Gorgeous” quality that has earned HANA its worldwide reputation.

M Series Nude Microline stylus – Higher Specification Part 

Befitting its name, the M Series uses a Nude Microline stylus, mimicking the cutting stylus and fitting more precisely into the vinyl groove. This enhances tracking to capture the most delicate musical details with better frequency reproduction, stereo imaging, and resolution.

High Purity copper wire – Higher Specification Part 

Very high-purity copper wire is used for winding the ML coil with a new low impedance generator for optimized performance with a broader range of phono preamps

Delrin© cartridge body – Advanced Materials 

The M Series cartridge body is injection molded from Delrin©, a high-tech polymer with improved mechanical characteristics for better resonance damping, to reveal more low level information and enhance dynamic range.

Cryogenic Processing – Unique Technical Treatment

Cryogenic processing is Cold Annealing at near absolute zero temperature that restructures metals at the molecular level, especially important in the Alnico based magnetic electro-motive circuit (cartridge signal generator). The M Series parts treated include the front yoke as well as center and rear components. The result is a more precise and controlled magnetic flux field for greater linearity and musical sound quality.

Brass Cap with Threaded fittings – Superior Mechanical Interface 

The Delrin© cartridge body features an integral machined brass cap providing constrained mode layer damping and its heavier 9.5 gram weight provides expanded compatibility with a wider range of tonearms and turntables.

Built into the M Series Delrin© cartridge body are metal threaded fittings for headshell mounting hardware, offering easier attachment and a superior mechanical interface for better bass and dynamics.

Stylus Microline
Cantilever Aluminum
Magnetic Circuitry Pure Iron/Cryo Treatment
Coil Wire High Purity Copper
Cartridge Housing POM (Delrin) / Brass
Output Level 0.4mv/1kHz
Output Balance <1dB/1 KHz
Trackability 70 µm/2g
Channel Separation 30dB/1kHz
Frequency Response 12-45,000Hz
Impedance 7Ω/1kHz
Suggested Load Impedance >100Ω
Magnet Alnico
Vertical Tracking Force 2g
Cartridge Weight 9.5g
Height 16.3mm
Body Color Black w/Brass Plate

1 review for Hana Cartridges ML

  1. Herbert Stoeck (verified owner)

    I purchased this cartridge from Canadian HiFi last September. It is a good cartridge, but it took me this long to properly set it up. The sound is precise and quite satisfying. To be clear it does require careful set up. I set the VTA and the VTF according to the instructions (the VTA is actually easy to set – with the stylus guard in place just set it on your platter on top of a vinyl record – make sure your tone arm is perfectly straight – use the file card approach – although I used some geometric tools – and it will be perfect). I originally set the vtf at 2 grams and the vta perfectly parallel. I also set the PHMC at 100 ohms. However I did not like how it sounded, so after much back and forth experimentation I took the balanced vta and lowered it 2MM (not a lot – but provided significantly better articulated bass and better high-end balance. I also increased vtf to 2.1 grams (2.2 is also good – a colleague uses 2.4 grams to increase tracking ability). My perfect phmc is 200 ohms. The cartridge is very sensitive to VTF – 2 grams is not enough – a pinch more and the result is phenomenal. Also the cartridge needs to played for about 100 hours.

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