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Benz Micro Glider Cartridge


Condition: New

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The Glider makes beautiful music! Open, rich and lively in a way that many cartridges wish they were, the Glider delivers a sumptuously musical experience.

The S Class models of the Glider now incorporate the Benz Dynascan with Gyger S stylus coupled to improved generators using new coil windings and refined pole pieces/damper designs. Albert Lukaschek began researching increased performance and uniformity of his crosscoil designs while developing the Benz Ebony models.

Experimenting with the length of the solid Boron cantilever revealed how the elasticity of this very stiff material contributed to compliance and trackability. Development of a grooved rear pole piece for countersinking the o-ring damper (first introduced on the Benz Ruby square plate cartridges) was then adapted to the cross coil designs, given their lower contact area and damping characteristics. The lower mass coils and matched cantilevers of the new S Class retain their real world output levels and with their improved styli, offer higher performance. Music lovers are getting the best performance/value ratio in phono cartridges, regardless of output level.


Extremely Neutral Frequency Response

Wide Soundstage

Excellent Separation Between Instruments

Tight Deep Bass

• Output Voltage (3.54 Cm/sec): 0.4 mV (SL), 0.8 mV (SM), 2.5 mV (SH)
• Stylus Shape: Micro Ridge
• Stylus : 5 x 120µm
• Internal Ohms: 12 (Low), 24 (Medium), 90 (High)
• Loading Range: >100 (Low), >240 (Medium), >1,000 (High)
• Weight: 6.8 grams for each cartridge
• Compliance: 15cu (Low), 14cu (Medium), 14cu (High)
• Tracking: 1.6–1.9 grams


» – Benz Micro – Glider SL Cartridge, March 2011


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