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Benz Micro Ebony Cartridge


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Benz Micro EBONY

Low Output cartridge in stock

The Ebony MC Cartridges is Benz Micro’s high-end cross-coil generator based cartridges with Ebony L, M, H & TR models.

Each cartridge uses the best materials, such as Ebony wood body, Micro Ridge stylus and the most advanced coil windings for their application, with its exotic aged Mozambique Ebony casing influencing the cartridge’s sonic signature resulting in a deep and rich bass to mid-bass response.

The Ebony phono cartridge is completely hand built in Benz-Micro’s facility in Switzerland and produced in limited numbers due to the scarcity of the aged ebony wood used in crafting the body. Ebony is an extremely dense and richly toned wood; when combined with the Ruby platform the result is a warm, lush sound with more controlled bass and a richer, rounder mid-bass response.

The Benz Micro GULLWING SLR MC cartridge is a hybrid of the LP S class, Ruby, and Glider models. The SLR low output is best used with phono stages offering greater than 60dB gain, loaded at 400 ohms or higher.


• Output Voltage: 0.26 mV
• Stylus Shape: Micro Ridge
• Stylus size: 5 x 120µm
• Load Range: >50
• Internal ohms: 5 ohms
• Weight: 10.7 grams
• Compliance: 14cu
• Tracking: 1.6 – 1.9 grams

“Like the Ebony L, the TR is pretty much able to track everything I’ve thrown at it. Nothing tracks everything, but I have very seldom heard it mis-track. Let me tell you, the Ebony L was a clear winner for its price point and to my ears the Ebony TR moves the bar in how lifelike a phono cartridge can reproduce recorded music.”




The Absolute Sound Editors’ Choice Awards 2009 (September 2009)
Benz Micro ACE S Class
Benz Micro Glider S Class
Benz Micro Ebony L

The Absolute Sound 2008 Editors Choice Awards:
Benz-Micro ACE Cartridge
Benz-Micro Ebony L



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