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Modwright *Anniversary Edition* SWL 9.0 Linestage


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

This product Features Canadian HiFi's Gold seal of approval, Hence we offer a 30 day Money back Guarantee,less shipping and also feature a 1 year full trade In policy, where you recieve full Value credit for the item less shipping and taxes. Feel free to contact us with any questions

Condition: New

Shipping Time: 72 Hours

From: $4,600.00


5687 based tube linestage, SS rectified, integral headphone amp, remote control/mute, home theater bypass, MWI caps, RCA inputs/outputs only!!!

Silver Finish!!

The namesake of Dan Wrights son, Spencer Wright, born 9.0lb at birth, the SWL 9.0SE was released thirteen years ago with great success as a high performance and high value tube linestage.

The SWL 9.0 Anniversary Edition retains the 5687 driver tube and many of its features, but is a complete redesign from the original.

Unlike the original, the Anniversary Edition includes a modern headphone amplifier and optional phono stage.

The SWL 9.0 Anniversary Edition represents MWIs entry level product with exceptionally high level of performance and value.

Like all MWI products, proudly designed and Hand Crafted in the U.S.A.

Four sets of RCA inputs, one of which doubles as Home Theater Bypass.

Two sets of RCA Main Outputs.

One set of RCA Tape Outputs.
Front panel controls: Power, volume, mute, input select, HT/BP select, headphone input.

Hybrid headphone amp: 1.5 Watts (25 ohm to 600 ohm load)

MWI remote: Volume and mute.

Optional MM/High Output MC SS phono stage ($350 Add Option).

Tube Complement: (2) 5687 driver tubes (may also use 7044/6900/7119 and equivalents).

Color Options: Silver & Black options available.

Gain: 11dB

Input Impedance: 30K

Output Impedance: 800 ohms

Frequency Response: 20Hz to 100Khz

Max Output Signal: 20V

Distortion: .03% THD

Noise: -110dB

Dimensions: 17W x 12D x 4.5H

Weight: 28.5 lbs (35 lbs shipped)


2020 TONE Magazine, LLC

  “The ModWright SWL 9.0 Anniversary Edition preamplifier nails all of the musical fundamentals, giving you a large enough portion of what the high end is all about. Unless you’ve got buckets of cash to spend, you can spend the rest of your life with this baby and not want for more. I’m certainly going to write Mr. Wright a check for one; half for old times’ sake and half to use as a reference in this neck of the woods. Here’s to thirteen more years.”



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