Neotech NEX-OCC GD XLR plugs - set of 4

SKU: Neotech NEX-OCC GD XLR plugs - set of 4
Neotech NEX-OCC GD XLR plugs
These XLR NEOTECH NEX-OCC male and female high performance connectors have contacts UP-OCC Copper Gold Plated high quality.
**Sold in 4 (2 males and 2 females)

This conductor has high conductivity capabilities.
The driver was cryogenically frozen for such a result.

The connector body is metallic. Robustness and clamping system make a valeure sour in the category XLR connectors for high end enthusiasts wishing to pull up their high fidelity systems.

The mouth of the connectors is designed to receive cables of a maximum diameter of 13mm.


     Contacts Copper UP-OCC 24k Gold Plated
     Cryogenic treatment
     Anodized metal body with fixing screws
     Solder connectors
     Compatible with 13mm maximum diameter cables
     Body length: 68mm
     Body diameter: 19mm



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