Liberty Acoustics LA-188 Loudspeaker

SKU: LA-188

Build of 14 layers of high gloss finishing, the veneer used is near the root of the tree so that the cabinet is strong and eligant looking. The color tone is similar to a rosewood. We've taken the time to test a multitude of capacitors giving a range of results but finally decided upon a mix and match that uses antique musical capacitors as well as some model capacitors. These capacitors are handcrafted by point to point soldering in a pursuit of the ultimate performance.
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Driving Units - Tweeters: custom made high end Air Motion Tweeter
 - Mid Range: Accuton custom made 7" C173-6-090
 - Bass Unit: Accuton custom made 11" S280-9-282
Frequency Range: 200-40000 Hz
Power Rating: 200 W
Sensitivity: 90 dB / 2.83V / 1M
Impedance: 6 ohm
Type: 3-way bass reflex
Crossover Type: HF/3rd order, MF/2nd order, LF/2nd order
Crossover Frequency: 220Hz / 1850Hz
Dimensions WxHxD: 37x115x47 cm

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