Jelco JAC-506 XLR Tonearm Cable

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The JAC-506 XLR is a high-end Jelco tonearm cable by Ichikawa Jewel Co. of Japan. Ichikawa Jewel Co. was established in 1920, as a manufacture of the high-end audio plugs, as well as audio accessories. Jelco have made arms for many manufacturers in the past. Their Japanese engineering is second to none. They made the famous Sumiko MMT.

High grade tonearm cable with straight DIN connector and XLR.

These are some of the companies that marketed Jelco arms under their own names: Koetsu, Sumiko, Audio Quest, Linn, Oracle, Ariston, Roksan, Revolver, Mission and Graham. Jelco make their jeweled bearings, and are in complete control of quality.

Cable: OFC
DIN Connector: Brass and others
XLR Connector: PCOCC,Aluminum and others

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