Helius Designs Viridia

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Optically encoded laser drive.
Magnetic thrust bearing for the elimination of rumble.
Platter mat with optimal co-efficient of friction with record.
Record weight.
Parallel link suspension tuned to 1 Hz ( dependant on arm mass ) for the efficient isolation of low frequency noise from the environment.
Damped  floating subchassis.
Platter made of a material with identical acoustic impedance to vinyl records.
Primary noise isolation achieved through four adjustable feet, the front two being magnetic – meaning the turntable is floating on air. The two rear feet are similar in design but not magnetic.
Independent suspension  for motor.
Motor mounted on subchassis to negate variations in belt tension.
Compatible with the vast majority of 9” and 10” tonearms.
Single screw adjustment of suspension height.

Choice of colours:

All black ( platter matt remains dark blue )
Navy blue with burnt silver/gold pillars. ( shown above)

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