Helius Designs Phaedra Tonearm

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Choice of 10” and 12” arm lengths.
Unique geometry that will play 97% of a record with <1 degree of tracking error.
Bi-elliptical arm tube
Adjustable azimuth
Cryo treated silver Litz wire ( copper option available )
Silicon nitride bearings running on sapphire plate.
Magnetic downforce adjustment
Damped by differential masses
Non-coincident bearings.
Adjustable / clampable VTA
Fixed counterweight dynamically balanced designed to reduce Effective Mass
Variable counterweights designed to optimise Effective Mass
Continuous wire length from headshell to connectors.
Inbuilt level.
Choice of colours: 
Silver with titanium-blue damping wings and headshell ( as shown in photo above )
Black with titanium-blue damping wings and black headshell.

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