ETI Research Silver Link RCA Plug (2 Pair)

SKU: ETI Research Silver Link RCA Plug (2 Pair)

ETI-Research is proud to introduce their New Silver LINK RCA Connector.

The updated housing further reduces exposure to any EMI/RF noise which can influence the sound of your music. The Silver LINK is the evolution of the famous Silver Bullet that has been recognised by many as the finest RCA Connector around. The all-new LINK Aluminium Housing ensures a reduction in the EMI/RF noise.

The Design

A criteria design feature for RCA plugs is to keep the mass low. The Silver LINK is one of the lightest plugs available weighing in at 6g without any reduction in size. The sound can be altered due to the influence of capacitance and added resistance that a large mass RCA plug can introduce. Also, it keeps less stain on the all-important solder connections. The Silver LINK is solder only. The mass is further reduced by using a hollow signal pin.

The Silver Purity

This is what separates the Silver LINK from many silver connectors on the market. The Silver LINK RCA uses pure Silver, not silver plate. ETI-Research sources the pure silver from a foundry in England which custom makes the Silver rods for them to machine. Also, rest assured the silver used is 99.99% and to prove this have a look at the Assay report below.


Overall body length 52mm x diameter (widest part) 15mm
Cable entry diameter 11.5mm, interconnect cable held in place by 2 grub screws located at the top of the headshell near the cable entry.

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