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Expanding on the theme of our hot-rodded SC-5SE, Audio Art Cable is proudly rolling out an all new SC-5SE(R). (R), standing for Rhodium, as in the amazing Furutech FP-201(R) spades and FP-202(R) bananas. Using the Finest Parts Available

Furutech's FP-202(R) locking style banana plug, and the FP-201(R) heavy gauge 5/16” spade are two of the top speaker cable connector parts on the market today. Made with OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) Copper, these plug's extensive thick plate finish process starts with a Copper over Silver over Copper "andwich" then adds a high quality Gold (as found on our original SC-5SE), or Rhodium finish. These parts are made from the highest purity Copper available, cryogenically treated, then demagnetized. The last step insures the complete absence of any magnetic properties whatsoever.

Furutech's FP-201 / 202 rhodium plated spades and bananas offer the discriminating audio enthusiast a connector part widely considered one of, if not the finest available on the planet, and at an very competitive price. If there are better spades and banana connectors out there, we have not seen (or heard) them!

Expanding on a Winning Concept
SC-5SE and SC-5 Classic speaker cable models have met with undivided praise from the audiophile press. Stereophile magazine, 6, Postitive Feedback Online, Tone Audio, Stereo Mojo, Stereotimes, Positive Feedback, Enjoy the Music, and Affordable Audio have all unanimously agreed. The performance and value Audio Art Cable represents in today's high-end audio market make it a go-to brand for the discriminating audio enthusiast.

Since we opened our doors 7 years ago, countless music and hi-fi lovers all over the world have happily agreed.
After SC-5SE took the high-performance speaker cable market by storm in 2008, we received requests over time to custom build this model using the (R) series of Furutech plug, and have decided to launch it officially into our line-up as a new model.
Once again, delivering a cost no object design, offering superior performance at an Audio Art Cable price.

A Fresh New Spin on the Original
The new SC-5SE(R) shares many design features with its SC-5SE sibling:
1.A shotgun, or double run of 14 gauge SC-5 speaker cable.
2.Upgraded Furuech brand connector parts.
3.Cardas Audio Quad Eutectic solder for the joints.
4.TechFlex jacketing to effectively bundle the twin cable runs, and SE Series cosmetic enhancements.
5.Meticulous hand crafted “custom shop” look and feel. Each pair takes 3.5 hours to assemble!
As with our original, resistance of the cabling is minimize by using a double run of cable, effectively increasing a single run 14 gauge SC-5 cable to a beefed up 11 gauge cable. Doubling up the cable improves the "damping factor" of the amplifier, coupling the amplifier to the speaker more efficiently and effectively by cutting the resistance (and inductance) of the cable in half. The huge improvement in performance this brings to an audio system must be experienced to be believed, as the difference in sound is greater than a small reduction in resistance might logically predict.

The (R) Factor
The rhodium plated Furutech spades and bananas bring a bit of a game change to the mix. A rhodium plated connector part in an audio system's chain means the resulting perspectives will have a slightly more open, airy, resolved, and ultra transparent top-end and mid-band into the mix. While gold plating trends toward a touch more warmth and richness, an ever so slightly more burnished view.
Depending on which direction your system may need a "push", or perhaps the way your personal preferences might lean, either plug type can be an excellent choice.

Just remember, SC-5SE is largely a very neutral sounding cable, with exceptional performance across the board in every sonic category important to the audio-enthusiast. The descriptions above are not meant to be taken in absolute terms. The rhodium plated plugs simply trend or lean the sonic perspectives, giving the listener an opportunity to very effectively "eason" their system's response with different plug choices.
Do the math…
As they say, my friends, it's not rocket science:
High quality connector parts, plus superior quality cabling, plus an innovative design equals an excellent performing speaker cable for your system.

Transcending, resolving, and amazingly musical. The all new SC-5SE(R) is here.
Experience a pair in your system today

Shotgun sets (double run, single or bi-wire), custom termination and non-terminated bulk lengths available. Contact us for pricing.

Customer Comments:

"First impressions... very lively and dynamic. I picked up another disc and put it in. Pressed play and suddenly, everybody [in my audio club] stopped talking. All eyes were staring at the system. But, it was not the music that attracted us. It was a huge soundstage, deep & wide. My system was on steroids! The ambient atmosphere was big, and we all felt we were in a small jazz club, with Eva Cassidy's magic voice "....the Autumn leaves started to fall." Ms. Cassidy's voice was so warm, yet so powerful. I have been using Transparent, Kimber and MIT, and never thought this much performance could come out from what [my club] would call "mid-range" cables, price wise! And, this was right out of the box, before burn-in! Disc after disc, we never felt fatigued. This combo help us see clearly layer by layer of sound in the very complex Mahler's Symphony number 5. The famous Salk Soundscape's ambient atmosphere was all there, and was well controlled. With George Winston and Herbie Hancock, the piano sound was scary real, I can still feel the ambience of it. Anyway, thanks to you, Mr Rob Fritz of Audio Art Cable and your team for designing and offering products that are big in performance and right down to earth on price. All that together gave us a very interesting listening session, one of the most memorable get-togethers we have had so far." -Quan N., Horsham, PA
Conductors: Silver-coated OFC copper
Dielectric: Polyethylene
Capacitance: 39.0 pf/foot
Resistance: .00125 ohms/foot (each conductor)
Diameter: 20 mm
Color: Black TechFlex


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